About  Mama Sushi & Bowl

Why so popular ?
Mama Sushi & Bowal is a popular Japanese restaurant located in Concord, California, that serves a variety of sushi, bowl, and other dishes with a unique twist. Some potential positives may include:
  • Unique : Offers a unique authentic Japanese cuisine.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: The restaurant uses high-quality ingredients to prepare its dishes, which can result in fresh and flavorful food.
  • Creative Menu: Mama Sushi & Bowl's menu is known for its creativity and variety, with many unique and innovative dishes that are not found at other sushi restaurants.
  • Friendly and Attentive Service: The restaurant's staff has received positive feedback for being friendly and attentive, which can make for an enjoyable dining experience.
  • Beautiful Decor: The restaurant's decor has also received praise, with many customers enjoying the modern and stylish interior design.
Overall, Mama Sushi & Bowl may offer a unique dining experience with high-quality ingredients, a creative menu, friendly service, and beautiful decor.

Customer Reviews

What they say
  • Mama Sushi is a very small restaurant with very large flavor. My Mom and I decided to try the restaurant for the first time last week. We ordered 2 sashimi combos, 1 Mama Roll and 1 seaweed salad. The fish was cut nicely and was fresh. My favorite was the salmon...it was soft and delicious. I love salmon! I usually don't buy rolls, but figured I had to try one. The Mama roll was large and tasty. FYI: Has a tiny bit of spice and parts are fried. The seaweed salad was fresh.Everyone was very polite and said Thank You as we left. I thanked them too of course, as my order was on time.

    April D. - MAMA's Customer

  • We don't eat out often, but this is our go to sushi spot. The sushi is always fresh and yummy. Staff are very friendly. We loved the yellowtail delite and climax rolls. They even had $3 sake to go. Prices were very reasonable. We will definitely order from Mama Sushi again.

    Mary S. - MAMA's Customer

  • I absolutely love this place! I have worked and lived in Sushi restaurants in SF and this is by far the best quality of fish and customer service I have had in years! I live in Napa and I would say the flavor/quality are better than Morimoto's or Eiko's any day! That's how good it is! This place is family run with 5star customer service! I've given other places a multiple chances but... The amazing humbleness and passion of the family shows in how amazing their food is! Arigato gozaimasu, nothing is as amazing as Mama Sushi!

    Elaina A. - MAMA's Customer